The team

The team

LO Investimentos has its founder and CEO, Rui Oliveira, as its driving force.

Graduated in International Relations, but with extensive experience in the commercial and marketing areas, he specialized in the Stock Market Assets and dedicated for more than a decade to the consulting area in this sector.

However, it was in 2001 that he embraced his true passion and grew potentially his business – the real estate sector. It then began to transform projects into reality, through root construction works or deep rehabilitation in real estate, returning life to long-abandoned buildings.

Today, it has more than 200 clients served in its portfolio. However, it is in the collective work that the company reaches the fullness of its designs.

Our team:

  • Luís Fontes – Chief Financial Officer – responsible for the tax and financial area;

  • Daniel Filipe – responsible for the technical area and provisioning;

  • Mariana Isabel – responsible for the MKTG area.

Rui Oliveira
Daniel Filipe
Technical Director
Mariana Isabel
Luis Fontes
Chief Financial Officer


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