Real Estate Advice

LO Investimentos also has management of real estate assets – we select and recommend investment opportunities that can maximize the amounts traded.

What is it?

We advise you on how to monetize your capital, above the classic market offers and in a very safe way. Get rid of the hassles of market research, commercial activity, bureaucracy and fiscal and energy management.

Our activities in the advice and management of real estate assets include:

  • Evaluation of investment projects;
  • Definition of concepts for each real estate project;
  • Preparation of business plans as well as negotiation of credit lines;
  • Preparation of specifications, management of contract competitions and monitoring of all phases of project development;
  • Monitoring of the entire licensing process, including the definition of the licensing strategy;
  • Coordination of the production of marketing material “on and off-line”, as well as the selection of mediators and monitoring of the process until the placement and delivery of assets to the final client;
  • Coordination of accounting, treasury management and payments;
  • Coordination of external advisories, namely urbanism and tax.

What are the benefits?

LO Investimentos operates with a “flat” structure and free of conflicts of interest, which translates into ensuring that all projects are executed under the effective direction of a professional with high experience, with the support of technicians from the Operations and Asset Management teams and external specialists recruited punctually, according to the needs of each project.

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