Real Estate Promotion

Real Estate Promotion has a great influence on the urban landscape, the natural environment, the flow and habits of society, besides influencing trade, industry, the value of the territory and the enterprises around it, comfort and quality of life.

We develop real estate projects, assuming the financial risk and responsibility of conducting the actions necessary for their execution. We aggregate the legal, financial and technical means that enable the implementation of infrastructure on the land, with a view to its sale and/or the construction of buildings.

LO Investimentos gives preference to projects that focus on quality of life, good road access and public transport. We bet on innovation and high-quality standards, valuing an integrated lifestyle philosophy in every detail of each project.

The projects with signature LO Investimentos go far beyond the initial expectation, constituting a lifestyle proposal, in which all aspects, from architecture to interior design, through the pieces that decorate the common areas of all projects, contribute to the same purpose: provide a unique experience and value the investment of buyers.

In order to ensure this positioning of great demand, LO Investimentos has a highly qualified team, with about 20 specialized professionals, who work in all phases of the projects, from prospecting for investment opportunities, through construction to the commercialization of real estate.

We are able to carry out residential, commercial and tourist real estate projects located in the Lisbon region.


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