Property B°. Santana – Cascais

Property B°. Santana – Cascais



From a villa with almost half a century of life, on 3 floors, we turned it on the outside, by changes in the fence and by adding garrisons around its numerous windows, from a villa with a “building” aspect to a villa with 2 floors, since the floor 0 is no longer seen from the outside, in addition to the privacy that was gained in terms of garden enjoyment.

The kitchen has lost its old-fashioned design, having developed in the form of a large kitchenette, with an attractive peninsula-shaped countertop. From a small patio, on the east side, we create a garden that will seem vertical, when its entirely grown and very beautiful to enjoy, seen from the interior of the hall of the 1st floor. From the beautiful and modern bathrooms, we highlight that one of the master suite, with its ferrous colors and accessories in copper color.

This V4, in ecological terms, is advanced to the present standards, since it benefits from heating of water via thermal panels, of almost free daytime electrical consumption via its 8 photovoltaic panels and a battery for charging electric vehicles.

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